Benefits of Sea Clay & Collagen Facials

Ampoules and nourishing cream absorbed into the skin assisted by the gentle exfoliation and hydration from these treatment increases circulation leading to more nutrients and oxygen supplied to the areas removing toxins, creating lymphatic drainage, these active ingredients aid cellular cohesion which softens the lines and reduces puffiness around the eyes giving a clear refreshing appearance to the skin.

Suitable for all types of skin but specific ingredients as per list.

Non Surgical Face Lift

Can help reduce the depth of lines and aid better circulation. This very popular treatment gives excellent results immediately, but with a course and with regular monthly sessions the effects are maintained to keep the skin fresh and hold off the signs of ageing.   Harmless and relaxing the electro-therapy speeds up the circulation of the natural micro-currents in your skin and stimulates any sagging areas into action.

£17.50 per session or 6 sessions for £75


Dermosonic Revolutionary Skincare Device

This 3-in-1 treatment includes:

  • Anti Ageing Facial - Clears out pores, exfoliates and lifts.
  • Anti Bacterial Facial – Deep cleanses skin, speeds up new skin cell rejuvenation.
  • Anti Pigmentation Facial – Produces and producing new skin cells, reducing pigmentations and redness of the skin.
£17.50 per session or 6 sessions for £75


    • Vitamin A Retinol Mask
    • Aloe Vera Mask
    • Quick Lift Mask
    • Q10 Lift Mask
    • Regenerating Mask
£15.00 per mask


  • Nourishing/Hydrating Mask  – £15
  • Rejuvenating/Lift Mask – £15
  • Dark Eye Circles Patches – £10


This anti-aging ampoule visibly stimulates the regeneration of cells at the skins deepest levels. When applied on a regular basis fine lines become less evident. Active ingredient Hibiscin made from Evening Primrose Oil along with Algae and Collagen achieve these improvements on facial muscles and the skin’s cell structure.

£20.00 per session


A firming and toning lift in 15 minutes. Suitable for all skin types and ages. Active ingredients such as Collagen, Amino Acid and Chestnut to name but a few improve oxygen in the skin cells whilst increasing moisture levels. The skin is visibly smoother and toned after the treatment.

£20.00 per session


Designed to revitalise tires, stressed, damaged (sun damage, medication) or environmentally stressed skins. The Caviar ampoules contain phospholipids and phosphoproteins which are ver similar in the structure to revitalising properties found in younger skins. After a few treatments the will rebalance distress and come more supple.

£20.00 per session


The eye treatment designed for all skin types around the eye area where tissues are delicate and prone to fluid retention, puffiness and fine lines. Optivin contains liposome complex that provides a rapid and visible improvement of the eye area. The skin condition will look and feel firmer and be smoother with reduced puffiness or dark circles.

£20.00 per session


This invigorating facial, tightens and refreshes the skin, A special Treatment which leaves the skin clean, soft, and smooth – Inclusive – Cleanse, Tone and facial Massage.

£25.00 per session


Superb, relaxing effective Collagen Veil Treatment from Switzerland. Choice of Specialized ingredients given with each Individual skin type:

  • Hydro Active pure Collagen
  • Glycolic Acid @ 3% to purify and deeply exfoliate
  • Lifting Veil and albumen protein for skin tightening
  • Ginkgo Biloba powerful anti oxidant for calming
  • Native DNA for repairing
  • Skin Tissues especially for dry skins types
  • Aloe Vera & Linden CNS – for the treatment of sensitive skin
  • AHA, Green Tea and Vitamin C – for the treatment of dull, thickened & sallow skin
  • Allantatoin & Penthaenol for the treatment of Sensative, intollerance & Irritated combination skin
  • Opal Collegen Mask – especially for Asian & white type skins for the correction of pigmentation spots
£25.00 per session