Leg Waxing & Bikini Line Waxing with the PhD System

Simply the best and most intelligent method for all your waxing needs. Why not try the PhD system. This is a most hygienic system on the market and once you have tried this treatment, there will be no going back to the old methods of pot waxing.

My clients are treated with the utmost care and attention. With the use of individual, disposable heads attached to tubes of wax, giving a totally hygienic treatment, no pots, no spatulas, no more burning wax. PhD has built in temperature controls within the heating chambers, which keeps the wax as its correct heating temperature for waxing, thus giving maximum comfort to my clients and reducing redness of the skin when treatment is completed.

Leg WaxAs a guideline to prepare for waxing, I outline the following details:-

  • On the day of treatment, do not swim or soak in a bath.
  • Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed.
  • Do not use oils or moisturises on the areas to be treated.
  • Do not exercise vigorously.
  • Clean or disposable underwear should be worn for bikini waxing.
  • Hairs need to be a least ¼” long.
  • Previously bleached hair tends, when waxed to break off at skin level.
  • Full Leg Wax


  • Half Leg Wax


  • Bikini Line


  • Under Arm Wax