ULTRATONE – The ultimate body shaper gives you ultrafast & ultrasafe results.

  • Lose 3 inches overall.
  • Say ‘goodbye‘ to a sagging stomach.
  • Remove unsightly bulges.
  • Just relax and let Ultratone do the work.
  • Tone your muscles and get rid of cellulite.
  • Transform the shape of your waist, hips and thighs.
  • Enjoy the rewards of a more curvaceous figure without any effort.
  • Course of 5 Sessions


  • Individual Session


Just Relax and lie back whilst the Ultratone Programme gently exercises your muscles over 1000 times in each 45 minute session and you start to lose inches immediately. A Course of 10 treatments with Ultratone will give you excellent results. Ultratone gives good results as this machine operates at 100Hz – unlike many so called ‘slimming machines’ – which is ideal for healthy muscles.

Inch Loss is only one of many benefits that can be achieved with Ultratone:-

The Ultratone has many programmes, including Fitness, Toning, Post Natal and Therapeutic. These programmes increase blood flow, the ideal treatment for Cellulite and to which massaging qualities are totally suited for Lymphatic Drainage.